‘Does size matter’? Here’s what Tricity Chandigarh women says…

Last week, Depforce conducted a survey in the tricity, Chandigarh, talking to women of different age groups and different body weight about the ideal penis size. The women gave interesting views on ‘Does size matter’? Here’s what tricity chandigarh women says… Here are the revelations.


Sheena :- If you have a big penis, you think it does not matter, if you have a small one, you are just conscious. Actually it is about technique, not size

Manpreet :- Size isn’t everything. Women need to feel loved and wanted and arousal is key

Kiran :- some women need a large one some need a small one. Depends on personal choices

Meenu :-I do not think size matter. if the guy know how to satisfy and get


Preeti :- Out of fear of sounding shallow…size does matter. But not to the extent that I would choose my sexual partners that way.

Shalinee :- To an extent, I don’t want a thumb.

Gurvinder :- I don’t care about dick size really. Only looks matter.

Ruchika :- Making good or bad sex about dick size is a sad excuse for people who won’t figure out how to have good sex.


Rajwinder :- for me size doesn’t matter only love matters.

Sonia :- When I think about the good sex I have had and the bad sex I’ve had, there’s no correlation between what size they were. So I’d say no.

Jaspreet :- It doesn’t matter as long as it’s not too big or too small.

Sunaina :- A super small/soft dick isn’t going to do anything but a huge dick hurts, usually, so like, it just needs to be normal sized/hard/he’s into it.

Rimmi :- I don’t want to be scared of it. Average is your friend.


Suchitra :- Yes, my ex had a very short one that was thick and it did nothing for me.

Sunita :-It doesn’t matter as much as whether a guy is good in bed.

Anshu :- I’d like to say it doesn’t, but it does to an extent. However its less length and more girth.

Somaya :- I never thought size mattered until I was with someone with a HUGE penis and having sex became unbearable. Since then I’ve felt that size really makes a difference.

Meenu :-No, because good sex is much more a result of healthy emotional connection than body part size.

Divya :- Penis size doesn’t really matter that much to me, since penetrative sex feels good, but isn’t the end all be all. In all honesty, larger guys usually hurt a lot

more. I’d say it’s more about the size of a man’s tongue, if you know what Im saying

Riya :-It doesn’t matter. I’ve found that men with even the smallest dicks know

how to work them in a way that size doesn’t come into play.

Ratika :-It depends on what the person is looking for. Looking for fun? GO BIG!

Looking for love then COMPROMISE.

Namrata :- It would be a lie to say size didn’t matter for me. When Im dating a

guy, and my mind wanders to how much he packing (because, yes, my mind

does go there and usually rather early in the game). Im generally hoping to see

something around 7 or up when I have sex with a guy, but in my experience the

size doesn’t correlate to the quality of the sex.


Neha :- Yes, dick size matters. I always roll my eyes when people say otherwise

Ravneet :- It makes a difference but that doesn’t mean the sex is always better or

that it’s an absolute must

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